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         performance  - 75 min



 Idea, text , music and choreography- Ivo Dimchev 

performance : Ivo Dimchev, Christian Bakalov, Marian Ivanov and Jackel



 / Why you should  come to see this performance?

-  it  explores  the border between nature and culture.

-  somebody represents  the hunger of all the artists with no working space on the planet.
-  I ask the question: The worms or the pills !"
-  we talk about a woman, who watched a movie , which she thought she wouldn't like it, but finally she did."
-  the performance is in English, French , Dutch and Bulgarian and with no subtitles.
-  it's dedicated to  B. and S.  and of course G.
                                            ...........so , Come !!!.../ 



Co-Production:  BudaCentrum/Kortrjik, Dansand/Ostende, KaiTheater/Brussels, Fraskati/Amsterdam, Dasarts/Amsterdam, Volksroom/Ivo Dimchev, Impulstanz/Vienna, Humarts Foundation/Sofia   


                      3,4 Dec- Buda Kortrjik /Belgium,

                      8, 9 Dec- Fraskati  /Amsterdam

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hor7 1.mp3

horche long.mp3