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 VOLKSROOM is Ivo Dimchev's private
workspace in Brussels.
Address: Chaussee de Mons 33B, Anderlecht 1070 , Brussels, Belgium.
Contact:+32 49 23 17 566 Ivo Dimchev;
Facebook: Volksroom Brussels


               Artist in residence at Volksroom                  Sophia Rodríguez


Sophía Rodríguez is developing two creation projects:

Sofism of Distraction a serie of solos  

GoldbergRodriguezAssociation collective project by Micha Goldberg and Sophia Rodriguez in collaboration with other artist.

Every 2 month she showing 1 perfromance by each project.

Volksroom Open Monday

NO programing, NO subjective selection, EVERYONE can show a performance 30-50 min in Volksroom theater in Brussel only for the tax/rent/ of 35 Eur !!!2 to 4 artists will share an evening every Monday.
Volksroom and the artists are sharing the profit from the ticket
 Entrance fee from the audience is 8€ which include a drink ;)  
Artists will get high resolution photos of their work
For people out of Brussels there is a possibility for accommodation - price is 12 Eur for night per person
Applications at      Good luck !!!
Volksroom can be rented for rehearsals or workshops PRICE -7 Eur per hour, -30 Eur for 6 hours, -50 Eur per day


21 Sat- September- Artist in Residence/ 8pm                                                                                     YOU & ME HOW HOT CAN IT BE                             by GoldbergRodriguezAssociation with the collaborations of the musicians-perfromers: Linda Sepp, Florian Vuille and Solange Schifferdecker.

 16 September- Open Monday/8pm                    "Geography is no longer the Master" Solo created by "La Fabulosa ChanchAvalancha" performed by Paola Rodríguez Ch.

"Entre la Locura y la Belleza" Performed by Estefanía Dondi Costume: Myriam Esquivel

9 September- Open Monday/ 8pm                       "The dance of confusion" by Clara Saito. "De-vela" by Alejandra peña.

29 July- Open Monday/ 8pm                          "personal symphonic moment" working progress by Elina Pirinen and Katy Korosuo. "Dance to a beat" by Katy Korosuo and the participants of the day.

1 April- Open Monday/ 8pm                          Demoscope solo project by Ekaterina Zharinova

30 March- Sonic Saturday in Volksroom/8pm
Matthieu Safatly (cello, voice, video installation)
Anaïs Lerch: movement
JJ Duerinckx aka McJj: sopranino sax

25 March  - Open Monday/ 8pm                    BRING ME by MaktubNoir
TALES OF HUMANS by Movimentoinactor Teatrodanza

18 March- Open Monday/ 8pm                        I love you but you hinder me - cast choreography > yuri bongers & anja reinhardt, dance > andrea beugger & kilian haselbeck Regina - The Ritual Wedding by Miguel Moreira / Útero

11 March- Open Monday/ 8pm                      The in/visible performance by Iris Julian
Entrance with charge, two girls smoke a cigarette in only 30 seconds by

7 March, 8pm                                              Sonic Thursday in Volksroom
BANDA SONORA BANDA - Matthieu Saffatly/JJ Duerinckx/Mike Goyvaerts
TRIO Raoul van der Weide/Peter Jacquemyn/John Dikeman

4 March, 8pm                                      Sometimes the blues is just a passing bird by Sarah Bostoen                                                 Pour "Princesse", Pour "Cuillère" and Pour "Black cube et casque bleu" by Clara Thomine

1 March, 8pm                                                 Sonic Friday in Volksroom                              Margriet Kicks-Ass / Gaël Moissonnier / Vermisst Susi / DJ Diskoster & Sidekick / Mystery guest

25 Feb, 8pm                                               Extract from "naturalcauses" by Emma Murray
The beginning by Gertjan Franciscus van Gennip

18 Feb, 8pm                                                 PLOF - A dance project by Vania D'Angelo and Michael Benson in collaboration with Merel Vercoutere

11 Feb, 8pm                                                   WIP(work in progress) by Erika Pirl

28 Jan, 8pm
To Be or To Be or Not to Be a Woman
Shakespeare through movement
Idea: Marica Vuletic Naumovic
Collective Directing - Joana Knezevic
Ana Bauk /Jelena Puzic
Jelena Bosanac
RASA by Fleur Khani
(Not) I by Barbara Roland

21 Jan, 8pm
Tales of Humans  by Franco Corsi

14 January, 8pm
Entangled by Inbal Abir
What do you do? by Sally O'Neill 

13 Jan, 8pm                                                              Sonic Sunday in Volksroom                                      Concerto feat. Roman & Maurits
with Ivo Dimchev, Jens Bouttery and Benjamin Sauzereau